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[sticky post] Welcome to the journal

Greetings and welcome to my journal :) I primarily use this as a place to put up my artwork and general ramblings about life in general once a week. You can also find links to my various galleries and WIP wikis for my headworlds.

I am also the creator of the Notalope and Mahu!

So without further ado, hope you enjoy reading :)


Books you may or may not know exist - 33

Sorry about yesterday, the bathrooms been getting done up this week (No more green!) and seeing as I wanted to keep out the way, when he left the light had already naffed off and I forgot to bring a book down before he came early :)

I bought this for myself as a Christmas present last year (Plus the whole I freaking love Nambroth's artwork thing) and it never ceases to be drop dead gorgeous. There's birds, chickens, birds, moss, David Attenborough, bunnies, dragons, birds and just generally if you love her artwork and haven't realised this exists well, it's only November!

I apologise for my camera photo not doing these swans justice.

Please note all the things I upload for this series are tagged with Books for easy linkage :)

Original release date: 2013
My copy's date: 2013
Page length: 88
Source of acquisition: Online
Released here.
Notes: A sketch of one of the long tailed tits from my commission is in here!


Books you may or may not know exist - 32

Wasn't there nothing book wise last week?

Yeeeah sorry about that.

Between fighting off whatever I have which keeps fuzzing my memory out, my focus had to be getting the poppies ready for Remembrance Sunday (Which I managed, whoo!) so figured I'd skip that weekend to buy me more time to work and should be okay as a sorda annual one off than a regular thing Hope it's okay!

Holding the record for one of few books that brought me to tears and questioning why there was no more afterwards. I'm not afraid to admit that quite how bad things got is quite ignored in this country, likely as while it happened here (And to the Irish) it was a far lesser extent so that bit of history gets swept happily under the carpet. So having things like this fiction or not really is a healthy reminder and a good way to put in front of faces as a this shit really happened and by ignoring it you're letting it continue, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

Not had a book give such a range of emotions in a long LONG time and is defiantely something I recommend trying just the once. Heck there is a film version as well but no idea how faithful it is, and don't think my heart would take it either knowing what will happen.

Please note all the things I upload for this series are tagged with Books for easy linkage :)

Original release date: 2010
My copy's date: 2010
Page length: 464
Source of acquisition: British Heart Foundation
Released here.
Notes: Personally, this cover is much cuter than the film tie in cover version, it works better :)


Coming Home

I wanted to try something a bit different this year which meant wading into one of my worst areas (Landscapey thingies) but I keep trying to keep each annual different from the last in at least some way. I wanted to render it a bit more but unfortunately been on off sick with something just recently so have hit the point where I'm fiddling more than doing :)

Last year's edition.

Books you may or may not know exist - 31

Apologise for the delay, first my phone battery was shot then photobucket kept bugging out and not letting me upload.

I've acquired a few of these gorgeous wildlife sketchbook sort of books it seems and this one is no exception of the gorgeous front.You've got Toads, Nuthatch, Cowslip, Magpie Moths... literally a wide variety of the beasties and flowers she found there and then sketched or did water colour studies that look wonderful. Plus the male Bullfinch on the cover!

Please note all the things I upload for this series are tagged with Books for easy linkage :)

Original release date: 1989
My copy's date: 1989
Page length: 160
Source of acquisition: Charity shop
Released here.
Notes: So it has like four listings on Amazon, ones disappeared and can no longer update images so my cover is just one version and another listing for the book has one of my photos from two years ago, very confusing!


You've escaped my six billion Ghost in the Shell albums another month!

Decided to go with a lesser known artist this week but someone whose voice I've adored ever since I first heard it as I'm a sucker for fantastic vocals which Jillian has in spades. This album was her first physical release that came via Kickstarter with a story flowing throughout and was well worth the wait. Generations has a Forest Temple remix in there and a music video which is fab. Please do give her a listen :)

Please note all the things I upload for this series are tagged with Books for easy linkage :)

Original release date: 2014
My copy's date: 2014
Track number: 10
Source of acquisition: Kickstarter
Bandcamp with digital and physical copies
Notes: She provides vocals a lot for her husband Zircon so if you follow his music you might recognise her voice!


Books you may or may not know exist - 29

Holy crap nearly at 30 of these damn things.

Boy this was def one of those books I had no idea existed when I accidently found it. If you love Jim Henson's creature Shp just get it quite simply. From Dark Crystal concept art through to photos of the actors running around in the bodies, to the freaking sugarpuff monster (It was them?!), to the animantronics that bring these things to life to the building of the pig that went for Cruella de Vil it's a damn good look at everything else they did aside from bring Muppets to our childhoods. Not to mention a really cool behind the scenes look at just what it took to get there!

A few things they got involved in might just surprise you and it's one awesome trip finding out.

Please note all the things I upload for this series are tagged with Books for easy linkage :)

Original release date: 1997
My copy's date: 1997
Page length: 197
Source of acquisition: Chic and Shabby
Released here.
Notes: Not entirely sure why the Amazon one has a black cover when they're the same year, it's odd!


Books you may or may not know exist - 28

Sorry for not posting yesterday. While I took the photo, if you follow me on Twitter I've been completely caught out by Blizzard deciding to give very little warning about a patch hitting that has caused a bit of mass panic for me (Getting a new sword for my Holydin before his already low damage likely goes through the floor, getting a Hunter up to get a Ghost Boar before it vanishes and my Warlock up to 90 to do a quest before it's title goes poof) which I'm still doing right now so kinda backfooted things, apologies!

I've actually had this since not long after release oddly enough! And it really helped me appreciate what autism can be (Hikaru has a particularly severe type and is pretty much the stereotype of how everyone assumes it to be) as this first volume follows Hikaru and his family from after birth to a toddler. The family and passing strangers don't know shit about whats wrong with him for quite a while, with random strangers telling them they should discipline him better, that they’ve never known such a problem child wtf is wrong with the family? THEIR child would never run and bolt in fear of loud noises or sudden changes and theirs long since learned to talk.

The series was originally produced to help teach the Japanese about autism as much like here, there was never very much spoken about it, a there but flatly ignored condition that was just the product of a naughty child and a family demanding attention…. Kinda like what happens to Hikaru. Loosely based on stories of patients the author has dealt with over the years.

As the family finds out that he’s just how he is, there’s nothing wrong with him, what to watch for and how to cope when he’s beating his head with his hands in upset, it doesn’t stop the snarky remarks from strangers and how much she just wants to scoop him up when he does learn to walk and run.

It’s a real eye opener and the series follows Hikaru and his family and his spoken for goal, to become and independent useful person to society. A humble goal but They’ll muddle through and it’s really heart warming to watch. The contrast also gets starker when his baby sister is born and how he copes in the second book.

This does read right to left and is in manga style with notes to explain things at the back. Worth a look if you want something a bit different and want to learn how autism can affect those who live with it :)

Please note all the things I upload for this series are tagged with Books for easy linkage :)

Original release date: 2007
My copy's date: 2007
Page length: 528 (It's a bruiser!)
Source of acquisition: Amazon
Released here.
Notes: There's 8 of the things! Was only 5 last time I had a look but that was some years ago now. Love how each has a different coloured cover.


Books you may or may not know exist - 27

Sorry for the bad photo, kinda forgot to grab a photo when there was still enough light, oops.

So I kinda collect wildlife photography books and by sheer concidence there's two completely different series that come out annually here, this one being the more recent start and this being the book from last year I managed to grab cheap. This one being just on critters either on land, sea or air here it really makes you appreciate the sheer amount we have on these humble isles like Basking Sharks who skim the west coast in the summer or the Isle of Rum which is literally nothing but red deer. Then you see absolutely brilliant shots like in this one, a Moorhen ice skating which is glorious given how damn flighty those birds are. Plus the cover is a HARE and hares are awesome.

If at all curious, the categories this book series covers are the following:

Animal Portraits
Animal Behaviour
Urban Wildlife
Hidden Britain
Coast and Marine
Wild Woods
Botantical Britain
Natural Details
British Seasons (Yes it's more than just rain)
Documentry Series
Wildlife in HD Video
Outdoor Photography - Editor's choice
Young People's Awards

Please note all the things I upload for this series are tagged with Books for easy linkage :)

Original release date: 2013
My copy's date: 2013
Page length: 224
Source of acquisition: The Book People
Released here.
Amazon link
Notes: I also have managed to snag three books from the BBC Wildlife photography awards as well, just as rare, just as pricey, just as gorgeous!


This time a gem of Korean cinema that sadly a lot of people don't know about.

Back when I still got Neo before they started price jacking and their reviews generally going horribly wonky and questionable, they mentioned this film once saying that the director, Kim Jee-Woon wanted to do a throw back to the Korean style spaghetti western he loved as a kid given much like in the west it became largely a dead genre only poked every so often but way past it's hey day.

This is the result.

The plot is pretty standard fare, the Good is after the Bad (Who really is and a suave swine at that) and the Weird keeps popping up, trolling about and causing his own bit of mayhem as he constantly eludes everybody and now he has a map to treasure the Bad wants. You want an epic train fight? You got it. Bar brawl? Yep. Hauling through a town with people going flying as snipers get involved? Got it. It's just such a fun film.

Oddly enough the ending on at least the UK edition (Given they often fiddle with things before things distribute here) feels strange and forced. It gets stranger when the first menu item known as the Korean ending is EXACTLY what you expected to happen and wonderful for that very reason. It could be the west messing with it thinking it was too fun for a Korean film end given most often they don't tend to end on a light tone or something else, who knows? Just bear that in mind if you watch it so you get the proper ending!

Please note all the things I upload for this series are tagged with Books for easy linkage :)

Original release date: 2008
My copy's date: 2009
DVD length - 124 minutes
Source of acquisition: I think I found this at a market
Released here.
Notes: Asian cinema produces absolute GEMS, this just happens to be one of them :)