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Books you may or may not know exist - 28

Sorry for not posting yesterday. While I took the photo, if you follow me on Twitter I've been completely caught out by Blizzard deciding to give very little warning about a patch hitting that has caused a bit of mass panic for me (Getting a new sword for my Holydin before his already low damage likely goes through the floor, getting a Hunter up to get a Ghost Boar before it vanishes and my Warlock up to 90 to do a quest before it's title goes poof) which I'm still doing right now so kinda backfooted things, apologies!

I've actually had this since not long after release oddly enough! And it really helped me appreciate what autism can be (Hikaru has a particularly severe type and is pretty much the stereotype of how everyone assumes it to be) as this first volume follows Hikaru and his family from after birth to a toddler. The family and passing strangers don't know shit about whats wrong with him for quite a while, with random strangers telling them they should discipline him better, that they’ve never known such a problem child wtf is wrong with the family? THEIR child would never run and bolt in fear of loud noises or sudden changes and theirs long since learned to talk.

The series was originally produced to help teach the Japanese about autism as much like here, there was never very much spoken about it, a there but flatly ignored condition that was just the product of a naughty child and a family demanding attention…. Kinda like what happens to Hikaru. Loosely based on stories of patients the author has dealt with over the years.

As the family finds out that he’s just how he is, there’s nothing wrong with him, what to watch for and how to cope when he’s beating his head with his hands in upset, it doesn’t stop the snarky remarks from strangers and how much she just wants to scoop him up when he does learn to walk and run.

It’s a real eye opener and the series follows Hikaru and his family and his spoken for goal, to become and independent useful person to society. A humble goal but They’ll muddle through and it’s really heart warming to watch. The contrast also gets starker when his baby sister is born and how he copes in the second book.

This does read right to left and is in manga style with notes to explain things at the back. Worth a look if you want something a bit different and want to learn how autism can affect those who live with it :)

Please note all the things I upload for this series are tagged with Books for easy linkage :)

Original release date: 2007
My copy's date: 2007
Page length: 528 (It's a bruiser!)
Source of acquisition: Amazon
Released here.
Notes: There's 8 of the things! Was only 5 last time I had a look but that was some years ago now. Love how each has a different coloured cover.