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Books you may or may not know exist - 31

Apologise for the delay, first my phone battery was shot then photobucket kept bugging out and not letting me upload.

I've acquired a few of these gorgeous wildlife sketchbook sort of books it seems and this one is no exception of the gorgeous front.You've got Toads, Nuthatch, Cowslip, Magpie Moths... literally a wide variety of the beasties and flowers she found there and then sketched or did water colour studies that look wonderful. Plus the male Bullfinch on the cover!

Please note all the things I upload for this series are tagged with Books for easy linkage :)

Original release date: 1989
My copy's date: 1989
Page length: 160
Source of acquisition: Charity shop
Released here.
Notes: So it has like four listings on Amazon, ones disappeared and can no longer update images so my cover is just one version and another listing for the book has one of my photos from two years ago, very confusing!
Tags: books
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