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Books you may or may not know exist - 32

Wasn't there nothing book wise last week?

Yeeeah sorry about that.

Between fighting off whatever I have which keeps fuzzing my memory out, my focus had to be getting the poppies ready for Remembrance Sunday (Which I managed, whoo!) so figured I'd skip that weekend to buy me more time to work and should be okay as a sorda annual one off than a regular thing Hope it's okay!

Holding the record for one of few books that brought me to tears and questioning why there was no more afterwards. I'm not afraid to admit that quite how bad things got is quite ignored in this country, likely as while it happened here (And to the Irish) it was a far lesser extent so that bit of history gets swept happily under the carpet. So having things like this fiction or not really is a healthy reminder and a good way to put in front of faces as a this shit really happened and by ignoring it you're letting it continue, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

Not had a book give such a range of emotions in a long LONG time and is defiantely something I recommend trying just the once. Heck there is a film version as well but no idea how faithful it is, and don't think my heart would take it either knowing what will happen.

Please note all the things I upload for this series are tagged with Books for easy linkage :)

Original release date: 2010
My copy's date: 2010
Page length: 464
Source of acquisition: British Heart Foundation
Released here.
Notes: Personally, this cover is much cuter than the film tie in cover version, it works better :)