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Books you may or may not know exist - 33

Sorry about yesterday, the bathrooms been getting done up this week (No more green!) and seeing as I wanted to keep out the way, when he left the light had already naffed off and I forgot to bring a book down before he came early :)

I bought this for myself as a Christmas present last year (Plus the whole I freaking love Nambroth's artwork thing) and it never ceases to be drop dead gorgeous. There's birds, chickens, birds, moss, David Attenborough, bunnies, dragons, birds and just generally if you love her artwork and haven't realised this exists well, it's only November!

I apologise for my camera photo not doing these swans justice.

Please note all the things I upload for this series are tagged with Books for easy linkage :)

Original release date: 2013
My copy's date: 2013
Page length: 88
Source of acquisition: Online
Released here.
Notes: A sketch of one of the long tailed tits from my commission is in here!